Yes, I know we live in a society which has to have everything immediately or it takes too long. Amazon has built a business around same day shipping, most cable providers have On-Demand movies, and our smart phones have access to literally everything at anytime. So it must come as bit of a shock to you when I say ‘you cannot get approved for a mortgage in 8 minutes’. But it has to be wrong, right? I mean there’s companies on TV who say that’s possible. Why would they say that if it’s not true? Here’s why.

To preface this, I need to remind you there’s a great difference between being pre-qualified and pre-approved for mortgages. Getting approved for a mortgage takes paperwork and is much stronger when going and making offers on homes as it tells the seller the you’ve already had your documents verified. This lessens the chance of your contract falling apart for financial reasons. It’s always recommended.

The television (i.e. Internet) lenders are making it seem as if you can get completely approved for a mortgage by filling out forms on their mobile app. This is completely misleading. You can do that with any mortgage lender from their online site and it works the same way. Even my preferred lender has her own mobile app where you can submit a mortgage application. But you cannot submit the required paperwork to actually be approved for a loan, and actually be approved, in just 8 minutes. It takes days for this to happen.

By twisting around terminology on home buyers who don’t know there’s a difference, they’re putting themselves in a position to make you think they’re more powerful than any other lender. It’s a complete fallacy. Please be educated, and i’m happy to refer you to a local lender who doesn’t mislead the consumers into anything during the process.

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