There’s no real estate transaction which goes 100% smoothly. Any number of things can happen during the sale of your home, and a number of things can happen with each number of those other things. Some of them are unavoidable. But there are plenty which can be avoided. When it’s time to sell your home, here’s some common mistakes sellers make, and some ways to avoid them.


It’s no surprise this one is at the top of the list. The easiest, and most common, mistake a seller can make is overpricing the home. Even in a sellers market, homes which are overpriced will sit on the market and become stale. Those listings end up getting a price reduction, and usually sell for less than their real value. This usually happens by the seller having an emotional attachment to the home, and thinking it’s worth more than the value provided by the comps. These sellers usually hire a realtor who’s just willing to list it for the number the seller wants to hear, whether it’s the actual value or not. This is a no-win situation for anyone.

Solution: Take out any emotional attachment to the home, and listen to the realtor who provides research and reasons as to why the home is worth what they are suggesting. The realtor who suggests the highest list price isn’t always the best route to go. There are plenty of realtors so desperate for a listing they will just do what the sellers want without any regard for an appraisal or comps. You must also leave out any emotional attachment. Think of the home as an investment (which it is), and not the place you raised your children. Thinking of it this way may cloud any rational thoughts.

Wanting To Be There For All Showings

No. Just…no. This is a terrible idea. If a home buyer is not allowed to freely check out the home without the sellers being there and watching them, they are more likely to leave without giving the home a real chance. They will be accompanied through the home by their realtor, and there will be a record of every realtor who schedules a showing on the home and what time they were there. You’re also more likely to divulge more info than a buyer is supposed to know about why you’re selling, or try to oversell the home. That’s not good. It’s ok for you to be there when they arrive, but you should leave when they do. This will do more to deter buyers that just about anything else.

Solution: Since you’ll know in advance when a buyer is coming, you can make arrangements to do something else. Please do, for your own good.

Upgrading The Home With Personal Preferences Before Listing

This is a big one. Remember, not all upgrades are for every buyer. It’s not wise to put in upgrades you personally like, but won’t appeal to the masses before getting ready to list the home. Your home needs to generate traffic in order to sell. Having brightly colored walls or very different kitchen appliances will discourage some buyers from wanting to see it. Make it buyer friendly, and it will see more people schedule showings.

Solution: Consult with your realtor before listing if you’re considering making upgrades. They can check out recent sales to see what other homes look like to give you a better idea of what to do. Or, you can sell it for a lower price and skip the upgrades. This would largely depend on your price range.

Leaving a Mess For the Showings

This is easily avoidable. For every showing, you have notice of when the home will be shown. It can be one hour, or even two hours, depending on your want. If the home isn’t in showing condition, you can always ask for the showing to be rescheduled (there’s even an option for the showing company to list it as the reason). Buyers shouldn’t ever see the home in messy condition. It is a huge turn off. Also, if the home has been staged, it’s shown in listing pictures in pristine condition. Buyers expect it to look this way when they show up. Don’t disappoint them.

Solution: Make sure there’s enough notice on the showings to clean the house if need be. If you are at work all day, make sure it’s clean before you leave for the day. If you have a family gathering or party, and know the house will need to be cleaned, you can have showings blocked off so no one can see it while you clean.

A good realtor will help you avoid all of these mistakes, and the other potential pitfalls one might run into during the home selling process. If you’re wanting to know what your home is worth today, I can definitely help. It might help you make the decision on selling much easier. I’ll make sure to do my best to help guide you through the process as easily as possible.

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